This months Scams, Energy, Broadband and Phones, (Barrel-dregs)

By | March 18, 2016

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This months Scams, Energy, Broadband and Phones, (Barrel-dregs)

Energy Scams

Commercial energy

The unscrupulous Energy Companies are desperate to tie any business or individual to a long term contract at a higher rate. Energy prices are falling with the recession and countries like Iran are back selling oil, they are all fighting to retain their markets at greatly reduced rates.

But some very nasty tricks are going on, you need to read the Link below.

You may have an Energy Comparison Company looking after you, most are very good but some refer you to the same supplier every year, be careful, use a second company to check that you have the best deal.

Potboy West had been referred to the same company three times and was paying 40% more than he is now, that’s a lot of Net Profit down the Tubes, fortunately he spotted it within a month.

Domestic Energy

We have EON and Age UK, having a cosy deal paying £3.6 million to Age UK for their mailing list to promote a more expensive three year contract, they are now frantically back tracking to make good this nasty rip off.

Potboy Senior got ripped off by First Utility with a similar contract, only there was no contract. They claimed that he clicked on a marketing link, which automatically put him on a similar three year contract to EON at a much higher rate. He had been recommended to First Utility by an energy Comparison Company, always use two companies to compare figures, it costs you nothing.

With all marketing links an automated response should be generated with contract details and at least a fourteen day opt out clause, with first Utility absolutely nothing.

There is a complaint to the Ombudsman and a formal complaint has been made to the Minister responsible for Energy.

Energy Comparison, FAQ’s, without naming the company initially, in the vain hope that they would rectify the damage that they had done to other customers, not a chance.

If you call the Ombudsman on Energy, press 1 for NPower and 2 for the others, it says nothing for NPower, the others known to the Ombudsman, First Utility would now appear to be high on the list.

BT and Mobile Phones

Potboy Wests’ golfing pal had just switched to BT’s all singing, all dancing package about three months ago.

He kept complaining that he couldn’t use his mobile phone at home, phoned BT constantly and got nowhere, they insisted that their coverage was spot one, the salesman had called round and told him it was nothing to do with them.

Potboy had been playing golf with him on an evil, cold, wet day, normally he would have a pint of Guinness, he was so cold he ordered coffee, anyway he didn’t appear.

Potboy got concerned in case he had collapsed in the changing rooms, not on your life BT had phoned him on his mobile.

The conversation went like this, “Ah the national Network, well umm, we do have some Blackspots.” Not what the salesman said, “Could you try moving round your house whilst you are on your mobile or make calls from upstairs.” Complete waste of time there is no signal anywhere in the house. “Umm, could you walk down the road until you get a signal and then make calls on your mobile from there.”

The air went a lighter shade of Blue, he is now back with Tesco and can use his mobile at home again.

Potboy went to BT for a quote, no mention of Blackspots, but they were more than twice as expensive as his existing supplier.

Changing Broadband

Now this you would think would be easy, not on your life, a complete nightmare.

I decided to switch from EE, following a succession of localised stoppages on Broadband.

I have had the same domestic email address for years, the company that I was changing to has emailed for years on the same domestic email address, without problem.

I switch to them, the emails come in as usual, I try to reply absolutely nothing, it appears because I have Freeserve in the address, I am blocked from sending them, one company blames another and we get nowhere.

The company that supplies the Broadband want me to have their name on my emails, not on your life, if I do that I have the same problem when I switch again.

Do not have an email with a Orange, Freeserve, BT etc. it is enormous hassle, you are totally screwed and nobody tells you this, it can be overcome, but they want their pound of flesh, just get a very simple email address without a Broadband brand name on it.

If you come across any Scam or dubious practice, please email the details to, we are fed up with small businesses and individuals, especially older people being ripped off by companies and others that they may believe or have previously trusted.

Please view our other web site for Information, Help and Advice

The views expressed are not necessarily the editors and accepts no responsibility for them, we do try to avoid offensive or litigious statements being made. They are written by concerned professionals in the industry who feel that these issues should be raised to ensure that all licensees, customers and older people are made fully aware of the many hidden pitfalls, set up by the unscrupulous individuals and companies.

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