Why Banning Tips is good for Business

By | April 24, 2016

Harry Cragoe of The Gallivant on why banning tips is good for business

Harry Cragoe, owner of The Gallivant restaurant with rooms in Camber, pays all his staff a minimum of £9 per hour and has launched the #toohiptotip campaign to ban service charges in restaurants. He believes more hospitality businesses need to use a similar approach.

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Note:- We have always insisted to customers that the cost of the meal and drinks is what you pay, there is no Service Charge, the same as they do in the majority of restaurants in France.

Consequently, the staff were always amazed at the tips they actually got, I resent being told or I avoid eating anywhere, where there is a displayed Service Charge, sadly, it goes in too many cases into a taxable black hole and not the staff.

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