Food Standards Agency, latest EU Regulations on Allergens

By | November 22, 2017

Food Standards Agency, latest EU Regulations on Allergens

Food Standards Agency, latest EU Regulations on Allergens.

This is a potential nightmare for all Caterers, big or small, you need to study the information put out by the Food Standards Agency.

The regulations come into force on 13th December 2014.

Any business serving food has to provide information on allegenic ingredients, either verbally or in writing.

This in itself will lead to many disputes, without a reliable witness, verbal information will always be contested by any “No Win, No fee” lawyer.

The other nasty, is that fines are unlimited and dependent on the Magistrate or Court.

The Food Standards Agency link is

We would suggest that you print all the information that you consider relevant and make all members of your staff, fully aware of the implications by 13th December 2014, with a serious consultation with the local Environmental Health Officers.

If everyone does this, they will be snowed under for information and they might just take a realistic approach to the regulations, rather than a revenue source through the courts, which unlimited fines would indicate for anyone supplying meals, snacks or takeaways.

For Staff Training Guidance

For labelling guidance Food allergen labelling legislation: Guidance

For non prepacked food Providing allergen information for non pre-packed foods

For prepacked food Allergen management and labelling for pre-packed foods

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