Would you like to advertise with us?

By | December 26, 2017

Advertise on our site, click on the image to get started.

Would you like to advertise with us?

We do not push advertising, since our readers are people looking for business information and help.

This puts them in the category of looking for reliable business agents and reliable companies that have pubs/restaurants etc. to lease or tenancies.

They are also looking for suppliers of all commodities and they will in due course want IT help for the building of web sites and SEO help etc.

If you decide that you would like to advertise with us, we offer various options, we will give you an article about your company and what you can do for a possible business buyer, with a link to that article from either the front page or other regular articles.

We ensure that your article is in place with the relevant links, before payment is made.

Our terms start at:-£25.00 for one calendar month, paid in advance.

£45.00 for two calendar months, paid in advance.

£60.00 for three calendar months, paid in advance.

We are open to other suggestions for advertising, we used to advertise on an annual basis, but we have for the moment, looked at shorter term advertising.

We also give you free access to all our Checklists for your clients whilst you are advertising. (Takeover Day, Leaving Checklists, Licensed Property, Catering, Retail, Sole Trader)


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