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By | April 13, 2019

Speciality Food Product Finder

There’s always time for tea


Tea is a British staple, and with countless innovative options coming onto the market now is a great time to add some excitement to your shelves. Whether customers are looking for a great quality Earl Grey or a more unusual blend, you can cater to their needs and even help them discover something new.

We’ve rounded up some of our speciality teas, now available on Product Finder.


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Tg | Green Tea

1. Tg green tea with jujube and osmanthus

Organic and ethically produced, this Great Taste Award-winning green tea is deliciously blended with the sweet date taste of the Jujube superfruit and Osmanthus.

2. Revolution Earl Grey Lavender Tea (Mini)
A unique twist to a popular favourite. Naturally sweet and fragrant, the lavender enhances the flavour of the Earl Grey and provides an uplifting experience.


3. Tregothnan English Breakfast Tea


English Breakfast Tea

The complexity of our teas just hit a record high with our brand new, bold and rewarding breakfast blend which is a quintessential morning brew, made with the widest variety of leaves ever grown in England, then blended with the finest Assam.


Moroccan Mint | Brew Tea Co

4. Brew Tea Co. Moroccan Mint tea bags x 15

Ardens | Mediterranean Tomato & Basil Twists

SAVOURY BISCUITS & CANAPÉS Mediterranean Tomato &
Basil Twists
Virgil’s Root BeerVirgil’s Root Beer brand new

Highland Chocolatier Velvet Truffles

Highland Chocolatier

Lucys Zesty Mayo| great taste 2013 | great taste gold 2012 | great taste gold 2011
COOKING SAUCES Lucy’s Zesty Mayo Dressing

Lucy’s Dressings

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