Brulines Saga Continued (Barrel Dregs)

By | June 10, 2009

Bad Beer For Export

Brulines Saga Continued (Barrel Dregs)

The CEO of Brulines is upset at the Select Committee Findings.

What did he expect a gold medal for being involved in hundreds of lessees being threatened, intimidated and evicted in many cases because of his system.

His own employees admit that it is a monitoring service and has not been a high tech calibrated system subject to scrutiny and approval by the Weights and Measures.

Any good engineer would immediately realise that it’s ability for precise accuracy would be in serious doubt.

The CEO is between a “Rock and a Hard Place”, if he admits that it’s use has so far been extended beyond it’s present capabilities, it leaves his clients wide open for possible litigation from people who have been evicted and fined by their landlords. In addition a massive loss of business and clients.

He has two options get the present system approved by the Weights and Measures as a regulatory system which is totally accurate or produce a new system that complies with these requirements.

If the old system does not meet the Weights and Measures requirements as a regulatory system, the Select Committees comments will be correct, if he claims or has claimed that the system meets their requirements and does not, his clients will sue him and he will lose a lot of business. If he maintains that it is a monitoring service and not a regulatory service his clients would be sued.

This could be interesting.

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