Brulines flow recording System (Barrel Dregs)

By | March 1, 2009

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Brulines flow recording System (Barrel Dregs)

Please note some of us are doing our best to help all the struggling licensees and if we can make it better and prosperous we will be delighted. Having read and listened to the Select Committee Enquiry into Pub Co’s.

One issue that has raised it’s head is Brulines. This policing operation on beer sales, the makers and the companies that have them installed in their pubs claim that it is foolproof, however my cynical mind as an ex water engineer, questions how a simple venturi meter can identify differing densities without high level calibration, subject to regular checks. A new system is on the market that supposedly does this, which would appear to be far more high tech than the present one. I would suggest to all licensees that have the Brulines system installed to contact their local Weights and Measures to get total verification on the efficiency and accuracy of these systems, and stress to the Weights and Measures that a number of people are being accused of buying out, heavily fined and thrown out of their pubs and therefore since they need a neutral body to investigate these matters would they do it, since it is definitely a Weights and Measures issue.

The latest information on Brulines is that a BDM and engineer are scratching their heads, a lady licensee dutifully flushed her real ale lines after every barrel, resulting in accusations of “Buying Out”, they would appear to have admitted that they cannot tell the difference between beer and water, judging by some of the products that they sell, there probably isn’t a great difference. However a suggestion to add to the confusion, if every lessee fed between half a gallon and a gallon of water through a line or lines every few days and recorded exactly how much and the exact time, the Brulines system if it is genuinely fallible will be in chaos. In the event of accusations of “Buying Out” retain your records until they have made complete fools of themselves, do not “Buy Out”. If their system is really suspect then a number of lessees who have been fined or evicted may have some legal redress.

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2 thoughts on “Brulines flow recording System (Barrel Dregs)

  1. graham

    this is a reply i got from my local Trading Standards.

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding Brulines.

    Currently Brulines equipment is not prescribed under the Weights and Measures Act 1985 and is therefore not required to be passed as fit for use for trade by weights and measures or an approved verifier. It does therefore not require verification stamps or stickers. Depending on how the equipment is used it may be covered by section 17 of the Act and therefore must not be false or unjust (i.e. it must be accurate).

    I understand that the majority of Brulines equipment in general use in pubs do not distinguish between beers and water and I am not aware of Brulines making any such claim.

    If you have a specific complaint relating to the accuracy of the equipment in your premise please provide further details. If you wish to discuss the matter please contact me.


  2. Joe Knight/Gilbert Bank

    GMB asks NMO for Brulines information > GMB asks NMO for Brulines information
    If my business involved calibration and it worked, and I knew that it worked then I think I would have been knocking on W&M door a long time ago. With the kudos of W&M stamps on my equipment I would be at the forefront of my industry that could withstand scrutiny. Petrol is metered. Water is metered. Beer, wines and spirits are metered by way of the vessel its shoved into. For the public. So as publicans we have to tolerate a system whereby it is not subject to official scrutiny in respect of accuracy. The court steps will be worn out by the time any case gets to court. It won’t happen. My own cellar contains metering equipment. It has received no attention for 18 months. Is it accurate? I cannot see how. Robert I believe your judgement is clouded by your clearly prejudiced view of unions. The matter here is one of mathematics, not semantics. Measurement is a simple matter of mathematics. You count it in and you count it out. How simple is that? If Bulines et al can’t answer that then their equipment should be plonked in the skip post haste. The GMB are doing their job. Asking questions that are obviously too sensitive to answer. Four pints a month looks great value. To sum up, Oi! Brulines!! No you’re out of order!!! You are selling metering equipment to landlords that is used to penalise tenants by showing they are selling more beer than they are buying from said landlord. But you can’t show this equipment works!!!! Thats the commercially sensitive info, isn’t it? Brulines does not work. Before I am deleted by the MA for libel and slander, please could anybody present me with contrary evidence? Brulines private approach to NMO suggests they don’t know themselves, do they? Please tell me.


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