Scrooge lives after Christmas, Pub Co’s screw struggling lessees.

By | March 1, 2009

One of the larger pub co’s is taking a serious approach to the falling trade throughout their estate, they have taken pity on their poor lessees and those in trouble are being offered a rescue package to help them through. They will reduce the rent, possibly give some discounts on their supplied products, wonderful??? But in the small print they will takeover ownership of all the lessees fixtures and fittings and lease them back to them. This is probably over simplified, but this is the gist of it, if you get offered a package like this make sure you get serious professional advice. Go to Rent Appeals under Services on this site, if you don’t already have a switched on commercial lawyer who you can turn to. We would like to hear about the other variations that are being offered and give them some publicity, both good and bad, if they are good we will name the company, if they haven’t already blotted their copybook in our eyes. This so called rescue package means that if anyone accepts it and subsequently gets evicted, the pub co owns everything and they have a fully furnished business to sell without the inconvenience of re equiping the premises, it’s not very subtle and decidedly nasty.

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