Business Development Managers

By | March 1, 2009

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Business Development Managers (BDM’s)

Every company has them BDM’s (Business Development Managers), Area Managers, a number have never personally run a pub or licensed premises, they do from time to time make stupid or outrageous statements, at the time they are hell, but in the cold light of day we all manage to laugh about them, we can print them without names and if they recognise their words it might just make them wiser managers, second thoughts that could be difficult.

The Pub Co’s have regularly upgraded their apparent expertise with courses, but far too many lack any Licensee experience, the same goes with senior Management, their brief is to chase money not run a pub.

The old brewers aim was to sell beer and their managers brief was to improve their tenants expertise, this seems to have been forgotten with pub Co’s.



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