Pub Co BDM’s make it up as they go along, (Barrel Dregs)

By | March 1, 2009

Barrel-dregs 3

Pub Co BDM’s make it up as they go along (Barrel Dregs)

I referred a Pub Co lessee to a colleague of mine, because he was being pushed to a rent increase.

Ignoring the interim discussions, except that there was justification for a rent decrease.

My colleague received a phone call from the BDM saying that they were not going to raise the rent and he asked on what grounds had they arrived at this decision, he replied saying that they were not obliged to give any grounds only on rent increases.

He pointed out that whatever decision is made on establishing a rent level the reasons for making this decision have to be produced.

In this case the lessee, who is a good operator, was struggling, the Pub Co have had an assortment of failures in there previously and as an apparent  show of generosity to stop him using a professional the BDM agreed to leave the rent the same, the legal argument continues with a good justification for a reasonable reduction.

Moral of the story beware of BDM’s bearing gifts, if it is out of character.

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