Mushrooms and Bacon or Smoked Salmon in a Garlic and Cream Sauce

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The original recipe came from The Trigger Pond, Bicester Road, Bucknell, Oxon, the previous owners have been gone for some years and the present licensee was delighted to have his pub mentioned as the source of the original recipe. The pub is now owned by Wadworths Brewery.

Mushrooms and Bacon in a Garlic and Cream Sauce

 10-12 Small Button Mushrooms per person

1 Rasher of Smoked Bacon

2 ozs of Butter

2 Table spoons of White Wine

2 well crushed Cloves of Garlic

280 ml of Double Cream

Melt butter in saucepan, chop bacon into small postage stamp sizes and cook for 2 minutes in the melted butter.

Add garlic and mushrooms to the saucepan and cook for 1 ½ to 2 minutes mixing the bacon, garlic and mushrooms thoroughly.  The butter will be absorbed by the mushrooms, add the white wine and burn off the alcohol.

Add the single cream and stir until thickened to your liking, season to taste.

 You can add some chopped parsley and to gain some additional colour.

Serve with some herb decoration.

Mushrooms and Smoked Salmon with crushed Green Peppercorns in a Garlic Sauce

For those requiring the next stage of development, use 25 gms of smoked salmon trimmings in stead of the bacon and add some crushed green peppercorns, it is delicious.

The cooking process is exactly the same.

French or Italian crusty white bread will accompany this starter beautifully.

Our apologies for changing the initial recipe, but we decided that the changes made a great difference.


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