Caribbean Squidgy Ginger

By | November 2, 2010

006 Caribbean Squidgy Ginger

This is major cholesterol, alcoholic disaster, many years ago it allegedly gave me gout through eating the left over ends in one of our pubs, too often.

I now eat it in moderation, with great respect, it is delicious and definitely one of my favourites.

Ingredients:- 2 packets of 300g, Ginger Biscuits, ideally smaller biscuits.

                       ¾ of a pint of Whipping Cream

                       150 g of Pineapple syrup from 234g of Tinned Pineapple

                       150 g of White Rum

                        6 Cherries for decoration

                        2 rings of tinned Pineapple for decoration

Preparation:- Mix the rum and the Pineapple syrup in a bowl.

                        Whip the cream until stiff.

                        Dip a ginger biscuit in the rum and syrup mix, spread a layer of cream on the biscuit and place face down on a medium sized oval plate, do not try and soak the biscuit it will disintegrate. Lay a line of biscuits along the plate and then lay four more layers on top, about five layers in all, rather like building a wall with the cream as the mortar and the biscuits as bricks.

Then surround all four sides with vertical standing, soaked and creamed biscuits, cover the whole thing with a generous coating of the remaining cream.

Leave to stand for at least six hours in a fridge, decorate with quarters of pineapple and cherries.

Serve in slices about  3-4 cms thick.

You can use any sort of alcohol from sherry to whisky it all tastes terrific.

One thought on “Caribbean Squidgy Ginger

  1. Paul Cooper

    Oh heaven. This is one of those rare dishes I hope doesn’t sell out, but only so I can indulge myself with the leftovers. So simple, yet so tasty….


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