Waste Disposal

By | February 25, 2011

Waste Disposal

Do not think for one minute that the extortionate rates that you pay entitle you to free removal of your rubbish, the only concession is on your private accommodation, and that usually gets put in the commercial waste bin.

You need to have a contract for rubbish removal, unfortunately often with the company that collects the domestic rubbish.

You get charged on bin sizes and how frequent the collections are, always try to get away with the smallest bin size that you can manage with.

Compacting your rubbish can save you a lot of money.

Mechanical Compactors are not cheap, but they reduce the volume of your waste, waste is gauged by the capacity of the bin.

If you have a large site it is worth having bottle and paper banks, it brings people to your business and cuts your rubbish down.

Ensure that the opening end is against a wall, I found people sleeping in them on a number of occasions until I placed them against a wall. If you have this problem and you cannot secure the entrance door, have them removed because the ensuing mess from the people using them to sleep in is not pleasant and will cost you customers.

“Making Sense Out Of Rubbish”

The staff at Waste Handling Solutions Ltd have been “talking rubbish” for Years, as all

businesses produce waste of some type or another. The fact that a lot of companies

ignore the waste material that is produced, as a consequence of their business, is still

very surprising in the current economic climate. As:-

• Each time you handle/move the waste – there is a cost

• Each time the containers are emptied – there is a cost

• Each time an invoice is received/processed – there is a cost

Waste Handling Solutions Ltd aim is to help all business clients (large & small) identify

opportunities to reduce all of the areas mentioned and make savings. This may require

the introduction of new methods/handling procedures, but these changes can normally

be funded from the savings generated, so there is no cost to improve.

As a supplier of equipment to implement these changes, WHS has extensive knowledge

of the recycling markets and can negotiate preferential rates (on behalf of the client)

with the known reprocessors. Contrary to popular belief the recycled materials market

has recovered somewhat from the reduction witnessed at the end of last Year and also

new markets have opened for different materials (material is collected mainly in a baled

format) so it may be worth looking again at the “back of house” waste issues.

One of WHS Ltd major clients has recently installed 2 fully automatic baling presses from

the Sacria range (WHS are the sole UK distributors) and 2 polystyrene compactors, to

assist with the large volume of packaging produced from their retail sales of furniture.

The client said “the overall advice and service given by WHS was excellent. They where

thorough in their assessment of the waste streams arising and identifying recycling

opportunities. They arranged everything, including the training of our staff and now that

the machines are installed, it is amazing how much money we had literally wasted

previously. We now save in excess of £25000 per year and I would recommend any

company to go though this process”

For more information or to arrange a free of charge waste audit, then call 01454 228899

or visit, www.waste-handling-solutions.com

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