Poppleston Allen, Is your Late Night Licence worth the possible cost?

By | June 23, 2012

Greedy Licensing Authorities.

Northampton Borough Council have issued a Committee Report which was considered on 19th June, providing the Licensing Committee with an estimate of how much money would be collected by the Council, should a Late Night Levy be introduced applying to all premises permitted to sell alcohol beyond midnight on their premises licence.
The report estimated that the total income would be £164,511.00, but if those premises permitted to sell alcohol on their premises licence between midnight and 01:00 decided to vary their premises licence to permit the sale of alcohol until midnight, this would be reduced to £75,503.00, a significant reduction.
Of that money collected of course the Council could only retain 30% as a maximum.
It doesn’t take much to realise that the costs of implementing the scheme and the amount of money that will be realised by the Police and the Council is fairly small in terms of the administration that will be involved in the scheme.
The Council could be accused of jumping the gun in terms of using set fees, that had merely been proposed by the Home Office, as opposed to being ratified and the figures themselves also ignore any potential exemptions or reductions in the Levy (which again have not been finalised) some of which may be enforced on the Licensing Authority by secondary legislation. The Council rightly points out in the report that in addition to only realising a small amount of money from the Late Night Levy, it would also face a number of premises seeking to vary their premises licence to reduce the hours during which alcohol can be sold, for which the Licensing Authority can make no charge.

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