This has to be the best line I’ve heard from my BDM to date.

By | October 16, 2012

BDM’s latest advice for departing lessees

This has to be the best line I’ve heard from my BDM to date, (name and Pub Co with held, for obvious reasons)

“Please don’t give away too much info to the regulars – if they think that there is no good tenant to follow you they will probably start looking to drink elsewhere before you leave…and I don’t want your trade to be affected. I am confident we will find someone, but the less damage to your business the better”

What he means is, dont scupper the chances of the relief managers making as much money for us as you do.

My BDM is an OK guy, but I really do think he thinks im an idiot sometimes! 🙂

Note:-His statement infers that the tenant is a good tenant, yet the Pub Co are driving them out????

When will these Pub Co’s learn, they are destroying the good operators, to be replaced by rank novices, to get short term cash, no consideration is given to long term success and growth.

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