Latest Sky Warranty Scam (Barrel Dregs 271)

By | December 19, 2013

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Sky Warranty Scam (Barrel Dregs 271)

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I have had two phone calls in the last two weeks, supposedly from Sky saying that my warranty had expired.

The first was an Asian voice, who could tell me absolutely nothing about when the warranty expired and had no details whatsoever.

I put the phone down.

The second was much more slick, an English voice with a Southern Accent told me that my Sky warranty had expired last week.

It appears my wife had originally paid £200.00 for two years using her Debit Card, I pointed out that I paid the Sky account and would not use a Debit Card, only a Credit Card, since most Debit Cards have no come back.

He was adamant that she had, I then pointed out that we had not had Sky for a number of years and three hours ago we had reinstalled Sky, so we had no need for a warranty.

He was very politely persuasive with the sole aim of getting my Wife’s Debit Card Details, I said that we would check her account to see whether £200.00 had been taken from her account and I would call him back, he gave me a bona fide Sky number.

My Wife checked her account and no money had been paid, I phoned Sky who said it was the latest con, the aim was to get my Wife’s Debit Card Details.

A warning to everyone, check with Sky Warranty Department 08442 41 41 41, do not renew your warranty over the phone unless you know you are talking to Sky direct, this conman would have convinced me if I had not kicked Sky out several years ago.

We actually wished each other a Happy Christmas, he was so convincing, definitely a smooth talker.


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