Another Phone, Credit Card Scam a variation on an old Trick.

By | February 18, 2014

This is a variant of an old trick.

It relies on the fact that the fixed-wire phone system only disconnects a call when the calling party hangs up, not the called party. So the scammer simply stays  on the line while you hang up – they have a little gadget that makes a “dial tone” noise so when you pick up again you hear that, “dial” and lo! there they (still) are.

Two ways of avoiding this – one is to use another phone (such as a mobile), as stated. The other is to wait for 10 minutes – the system is supposed to disconnect such “dead” calls after six minutes.

Just had a call from a guy claiming to be from PC world, who asked for me by name and postcode, he than said that there were 2 guys in store who had used my bank card to buy a laptop and he then said he was going to phone the police and I should phone my bank…

So I put the phone down and pick up the house phone again to phone my bank and I hear that the dial tone was different, I then phone PC world from my mobile who tell me that they have not and would not call a customer for such reasons.

I then phone the police and they confirm that it was a scam and if I had in fact phoned my bank the guy on the other end of the phone would of got my bank details and rinsed my bank account….

So everyone please be aware of any phone call you get like this and tell your friends.

Even share this.

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