County court judgments, how to gain access to this information,

By | March 15, 2014
County court judgments 
Did you know that you can check to find out out whether someone has county court judgments (CCJs) against them?A county court judgment is not a criminal record, but shows that a financial claim has been made successfully against an individual, usually for some kind of debt. It can provide a warning flag about someone that you are dealing with – these judgments are often used by credit agencies, for example.There are two ways to check to see if someone has CCJs.
1) People search
When you find someone on, if you have Full Access credits in your account, you’ll see a link marked ‘Search Court Judgments’ – click on this and we’ll immediately tell you whether the person has any county court judgments against them (at a cost of one credit) at that address.SEARCH NOW »

2) Background report
If you need a comprehensive report on an individual, showing information from a variety of sources, then it’s worth getting a Background Report, which includes whether the person has county court judgments against them.


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