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By | April 3, 2014
Newsletter No 04
Changes to the Climate Change Levy rate 


HM Revenue and Customs have announced new rates for the Climate Change Levy (CCL), which will come into effect on 1st April 2014. CCL is designed to encourage businesses to put more emphasis on energy efficiency.

The current and future rates are outlined below:



From 1st Apr 2013 to 31st Mar 2014: 0.524 p/kWh
From 1st Apr 2014 onwards: 0.541 p/kWh



From 1st Apr 2013 to 31st Mar 2014: 0.182 p/kWh
From 1st Apr 2014 onwards: 0.188 p/kWh

UK energy security at risk as gas imports surge – Centrica.Andrew Critchlow – Telegraph


Gas imports will hit 70pc of supply by 2020, raising the need for new sources of supply.


More giant LNG ships to arrive in UK as gas imports expected to surg.


Britain must find new sources of energy fast as the quantity of imported natural gas is expected to increase at a much faster rate than the government had previously expected, the chief executive of Centrica has warned.


“In primary energy, the UK’s production of gas is falling rapidly,” Sam Laidlaw has told an international energy conference in Houston. “North Sea oil and gas output has fallen by 38pc over the last three years. By 2020 we will be reliant on imports to meet 70pc of the country’s gas needs. So when it comes to security of supply, there is a pressing need for solutions.”

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Customer Testimonial

Hall Livesey Brown -Simon Jeffrey – Partner


“I am just writing to thank you for the substantial amounts that Power Solutions have been able to save both HLB and some of our clients on Energy bills and look forward to continued savings as a result of the company’s work in the future.”



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Customer Testimonial

A Holistic approach by Justin Hopper of Power Solutions UK 

The world of energy brokerage is an ever competitive minefield for businesses and from the perspective of the consultant one must find more and more ways to be innovative, adaptable and indeed to be different in order stand out.  It is my approach to look at things holistically and go the extra mile as regards maximising cost saving opportunities for my clients and it is this method that brought me great success and satisfaction working with a major international business.

What’s New
Energy Monitoring: 

“With prices on the increase, it is becoming more important for businesses to look at reducing their energy usage as the only sure-fire way to save money on their gas & electricity supply.


By utilising our online energy dashboard together with your smart meter, our clients are able monitor their energy consumption and potentially reduce their energy bills by up to 15%, just by being aware and changing behaviours.


Power Solutions are continually striving to provide our customers ways to reduce expense and this is the latest and potentially most effective way of achieving this.”


Mark Hallows – Sales Manager 



LED Lighting:


Our LED Lighting solutions are guaranteed to save you time and money. Whether it’s to reduce costs through lower energy bills, or to save on maintenance and replacement costs, we can provide the long lasting solution.





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