Petty Highway and Planning Departments (Barrel-Dregs 274)

By | February 24, 2015


Petty Highway and Planning Departments (Barrel-Dregs)

I called on a potential member of our other web site, he was not happy.

He had taken over an Enterprise Pub doing around £400.00 a week, being a local he knew what was needed in this catchment area.

Cleaned the pub up, invested in new furniture and much more and got the turnover up to a maximum of £7K a week.

Absolutely brilliant, until the highway authority in conjunction with the local planning department came along.

He had movable tasteful canvas type signs,  on his land, promoting his food, entertainment and all the other goodies to attract the resident locals, which they certainly did.

Having had many battles with various highway and planning departments across the country on signs, these gnomes sit in judgement, having absolutely no concern for a business making a success, employing staff and becoming a local amenity, you could say they are not unlike an amorphous Green Eyed Monster waiting to nail any small businessman in danger of making a success. READ ON

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