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The principal author has worked in the Licensed Trade for 35 years, as a successful publican and more recently as a professional Consultant to both new and established licensed premises. The author has specialised in buying pubs and licensed businesses that are in decline and turning them around in to highly profitable and successful establishments.

The advice is not wholly his but a consensus of opinions by like minded people in the industry.

The author prefers to remain anonymous since he still actively works in this sector and is in day to day contact with some of the best and worst companies in the industry.

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  1. Mark Wasilewski

    Hello. In the blog regarding BII rating conference in Aug 2010, a reference was made to a 1986 court case that said an assumption based on an assumption has no legal standing. Can you provide me with the court case? I am working on the same issue that comparables when simply compared with each other have no grounding. I am a former farm park owner working with the sector and some pub owners to reduce their rates.

    An Interesting Debate over Rates, essential reading. (42)


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