You may be a great pet lover and have a dog or cat or even more.

Your pets are not allowed anywhere where food is prepared, stored, dispensed or eaten on your premises. In the home, the dog and cat have their bowls of food in the kitchen. You cannot do this. Check with the Environmental Health Officer (EVO) to see exactly what they may or may not allow. When you go into licensed premises you sometimes see a dog behind the bar or a cat sitting on it. The EHO normally jump on this because dogs certainly develop a liking for beer and I have seen them being fed the slops from the beer trays and then licking the beer taps. Cats are usually more discerning but they have been known to lick the beer taps if they are thirsty. Your pets may be allowed in areas where food is not being consumed. Customers’ pets are allowed in areas where food is being consumed. It is again worth checking with the EHO for a definitive statement on their policy on this matter. Customers’ dogs being allowed on the premises is normally your decision.

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