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The aim of this Web Site is to try and make people streetwise before they buy a licensed business, far too many people buy businesses in the leisure industry thinking that they buying are an easier way of life or a dream come true.

You need advice, whatever you may think that you know about running a business, each one is different and very personal, because they are all people businesses, always remember you are working they are relaxing, and work does not stop when the customers leave.

Likewise, the more preparation that you do, the easier it is to run a successful business.

There are pages of information on the site, submitted from all sectors of the industry to help you in your project.

We also have various on line ebooks, these can be bought through www.smashwords.com at under £4.00, you can also read part of them before you buy, in addition there is a Pub/Restaurant Checklist on Takeover day, all the things that you need to put in place or check before you take over the business, it is well worth printing off, this is totally free for your guidance.

We have www.barrel-dregs.com  this exposes all the questionable activities in the Industry with a touch of humour and well worth reading.

The most essential thing is to make it an information tool for everyone that enjoys or supports the Licensed Industry in the UK and the World, since we now have readers all over the World.

If you would like some help or guidance, please email us at info@buyingapub.com, if we know the answer we will tell you or try and find someone that can.

Please register and comment regularly, we need dialogue in the industry far more than we need confrontation and division.

Enjoy the site.

Nigel Wakefield  CBII,

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