The Website is for everyone involved in every aspect of the licensed industry, supliers and the customers who use all these premises. 

We also run Barrel Dregs, which we like to think of as the conscience of the industry, the real horror stories and our writers views on what needs putting right, many are tongue in cheek and humorous, but real.

The writers are all professionals in the industry and we insist on them all writing under a nom de plume.

We support every person or company that wants to see the industry as a career for life and not a financial disaster to be avoided.

We would also like to support professionalism in the industry, the information on this site is totally free for everyone in the sincere hope that it will help people towards running their businesses, the only thing that we ask is if you do feel that you have gained some benefit, when you are able please make a donation to the Licensed Trade Charity(LTC) or join it, they do, sadly, an awful lot of work for distressed people in the industry.

Some of our writers also do voluntary work for the LTC, for the pub owning companies that think we are just knocking the system, we are all in the thick of it.


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