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Survey Advice on buying any Commercial Property

You may be persuaded that a survey of a leased or tenanted pub is not necessary, like any property transaction either freehold, leasehold or a tenancy, a survey in respect of your property commitment’s is essential.

Firstly you may get a knowledgeable friend to view the property to identify any obvious faults before you commit serious money to a professional survey.

It always seems such a total waste of money to pay for a full survey when there were some obvious serious structural defects which any experienced builder would identify or suspect areas where specific questions need answering when a full survey was carried out.

Two opinions are better than one, the need for a professional survey is vital before purchase, if something is missed then the surveyor must have professional indemnity, your friendly builder will not.

A full structural survey is essential if you are responsible for the whole building and the dilapidations must be agreed with the landlord or his agent, before you sign the lease, do not sign the lease without a total agreement confirmed in writing to your satisfaction and that there are no outstanding dilapidations.

The industry is littered with dilapidation claims where the landlords agent was alleged to have said everything is fine, you have nothing to worry about.

In respect of tenancies where internal or external decoration is involved, ensure that it is agreed in writing when the next major decoration is due.

In respect of freeholds it is equally essential to have a full survey, since you could be taking on anything from dry rot to animal infestation. Dry rot is always a favourite in beer cellars, where this is always water, very little light and restricted air flow.

Asbestos surveys, electrical wiring and appliance surveys or up to date certificates, heating, boilers and plumbing service records. Gas certificates, energy performance, all external play equipment, risk assessments and sewers and sewerage disposal.

David Morgan FRICS at Morgan & Clarke tel:-01285 719292

“The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub” is available to buy as an Ebook through and their associated outlets worldwide, priced at $5.99 or UK currency equivalent about £3.78, the reason that we have done this, is to hopefully access a larger audience before they commit to buying a pub and make them more streetwise and limit the failure rate in the UK with Pubs and Pub Leases.

The most valuable commodities you have when running a business are time and money, if this ebook’s information saves you both, the cost of the ebook is minimal.

You can read part of the book on Smashwords free, so that you know whether the information suits you, the aim is not to make money but to stop people from buying businesses without doing in depth homework.

My colleagues and I are fed up with trying to help people who are in serious trouble without doing the research to ensure that they buy the business that fits their talents.

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