How to buy a Restaurant?

Common Sense Guide to Buying a Restaurant,

Coffee Shop, Café, Bistro, Small Hotels

The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Restaurant is now available as an ebook through www.smashwords.comand their outlets for $5.99 or the equivalent UK Value approximately £3.75. The reason that we have done this is to get the essential information to a wider audience, in the hope that more people will find it easier to make a success out of their businesses.

The biggest problems in any business are time and money, if one piece of information in this ebook saves you time or money or both, the cost of the book is minimal.

You can read part of the book on Smashwords free, so that you know whether the information suits you, the aim is not to make money but to stop people from buying businesses without doing in depth homework.

My colleagues and I are fed up with trying to help people who are in serious trouble without doing the research to ensure that they buy the business that fits their talents.

We are launching a New Website

USE Number One, All small businesses struggle for reliable information and sources of information, mainly because they don’t have the time or reliable contacts. For the last few years we have been providing information for the many small businesses in trouble, and general advice using a number of professional volunteers, who gave their services free. MORE (please click on More for Details)

If you would like to join USE Number One, the Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub etc. are all free to Members, email us at or, there is a 50% reduction on the first years full subscription, if you use either of these email links.

If you are considering buying a business and need information, you could use the quarterly subscription method and have three or six months access to our information, help and supportive companies and of course the online books.

We also have a Business Check List on Takeover Day More (please click on More for Details, all the things that you need to check, on or before you takeover a business, sadly there are very few courses that give you this sort of information in depth, as a number of us know, almost to our cost.

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