RICS and FMT, Comparables Etc.

My letter to the RICS who acknowledged it and said someone would contact me, which they did not. I have for many years been involved in buying small businesses and vacant commercial property, setting them up and selling them on. I have also had a number of meetings with Inland Revenue Valuation Officers, going back… Read More »

Morgan & Clarke, January Newsletter

Cometh the Hour…Cometh the Loss Adjustor Wonderful news that the Supreme Court has generally found in favour of all those many tenants who in good faith insured against loss of business and whose claims were refused. The struggle has been a long and expensive battle. It was won in the lower courts but the contested… Read More »


Links for reference Accountancy F.A.Q’s Allergens have been identified as a possible source of problems  Read More Asbestos Report including old Artex Ceilings and Walls Check for More Auto Enrolment and Staff Pensions  Check for More Automatic Enrolment Pensions (UK Government), advice for employers Authorised Guarantee Agreement (AGA) LINK Bank business accounts READ ON Banks… Read More »

A Ghostly Pub Tale for Christmas.

“A Pub Co Christmas Carol” It was 11.30 pm Christmas Eve 2020, a foul night, freezing with sleet and snow,  gale force winds roaring across the West Country. The M5 was blocked and a few diversions were in place, the North Coast Road was the only one open to Cornwall and that was blocked on… Read More »

What Security do you have with a Pub Co Tied Lease with Domestic Accommodation?

What Security do you have with a Pub Co Tied Commercial Lease or a TAW with Domestic Accommodation? The answer is very little, if you breach certain terms within your Commercial Lease. The Domestic Accommodation may be rated as domestic, but in virtually all cases it falls within the clauses of a Commercial Lease. With rented… Read More »

A sorry tale from a genuine Pub Co TAW/Lease.

A sorry tale from a genuine Pub Co TAW/Lease. My profuse apologies, but my thoughts regarding a TAW with a Pub Co was an intro to running a pub, it would appear that they are now calling their short term leases a Tenant at Will, TAW. Those that take them would appear to be jumping… Read More »

General intro into the Leisure Industry

www.buyingapub.com 01271 812415 info@buyingapub.com These are Key Questions from a Landlord with a Commercial Lease or Tenancy Essential Questions before taking a Pub Co Tied Lease Part 1 Essential Answers before taking a Pub Co Tied Lease Part 2 Essential QA’s before taking a Tied Tenancy  Essential QA’s before taking any Commercial Lease What are… Read More »