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Big Hospitality this weeks Latest News.

Industry welcomes the further extension to furloughThe industry has welcomed the extension of the Job Retention Scheme (JRS) by another month until the end of April next year…. Read more Deltic bought out of administration by Scandinavian nightclub groupLate-night bars and club operator Deltic has been bought out of administration by Scandinavia’s largest nightclub club REKOM… Read More »

Interpretation of an MRO Application by EI Group Ltd.

Interpretation of an MRO Application by EI Group Ltd.Let’s start with what the Code requires and then how things can get out of hand in “interpretation”. The Regulation 30 in the Code governs “Terms and conditions required in proposed MRO tenancy”. Short and sweet and says not very much. This is followed by the much… Read More »

The Reality of the Art of Rent Negotiation

from Morgan & Clarke The necessity for rent negotiation raises its head if the proposed rent is not accepted by the recipient party, namely the tenant. One big problem is that if you don’t engage with meaningful discussions then there is no negotiation, just lip service. That in itself is of little or no concern… Read More »

General intro into the Leisure Industry 01271 812415 These are Key Questions from a Landlord with a Commercial Lease or Tenancy Essential Questions before taking a Pub Co Tied Lease Part 1 Essential Answers before taking a Pub Co Tied Lease Part 2 Essential QA’s before taking a Tied Tenancy  Essential QA’s before taking any Commercial Lease What are… Read More »

Books worth Reading on Buying a Pub, Restaurant, Bistro.

Books worth Reading on Buying a Pub, Restaurant, Bistro. Common Sense Tips on Making your Pub Work $5.99 = £4.80 UK approx. This is an ebook through, just click on the book title and you can read 30% to see whether it can help you in your business and give you ideas and save… Read More »

“Barrel Dregs”, now that we have the Virus.

It’s a funny old world, everyone is trying to avoid the virus, many young people have no idea they have it, until they get tested, the older people are shaking in their boots because it hits them far harder with totally unknown consequences. We have for years tried to help people in trouble in business… Read More »

Morgan & Clarke Newsletter

(12/20) COVID-19 – Reality Sinks In We are indebted to one of our correspondents Damien, a careful and very thoughtful licensee, for the detail that he h… Check It Out To Record or Not To Record Modern technology being what it is the temptation sometimes cannot be resisted to record (or even film) pivotal conve…… Read More »

Morgan & Clarke NEWSLETTER

ILTSA – A Guide To Reopening Our friends at the ILTSA (Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors) have written the following piece on pubs reopening for trade…  As we wait for the welcome news that the Licensed Trade can reopen for business, it’s a good idea to start getting prepared. For those of you that… Read More »

Morgan & Clarke Newsletter

Deed of Variation – PCA Say Case By Case, We Say NO! A Deed of Variation (DOV) as the mode of delivery for MRO (Market Rent Only) in our view should be automatic. We have said this right from the very start way back in July 2016 and stand by what we say. Understandable that… Read More »