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Advertising and other information about the Site

The initial aim of the site was to make newcomers “Streetwise” before they bought a licensed property. Our aim now is to provide free information, advice and help to anyone that needs it in the pub and restaurant business , we have a number of industry professionals who will always talk to you and where… Read More »

Editorials on Suppliers to the Industry and Adverts

The initial aim of the site was to make newcomers “Streetwise” before they bought a licensed property. We now know by the amount of people reading the content on the site that it needs to be an information tool for the industry, we are working in conjunction with the BII and have agreed to have… Read More »

Enterprise reduces pub’s rent by 38%

Enterprise has agreed to reduce rent by 38% for 12 months at a South Wales pub on advice of a valuer chosen by the pubco. Temporary concesion: the reduction will last for 12 months. In a rare move, Enterprise agreed to pay in full for the surveyor to assess rent at the Open Hearth in… Read More »

Pub Co’s facing reality

RE: Should pubcos go free of tie? I read all these articles by the so called guru’s and knowledgeable writers in the trade papers, most would appear to have been totally indoctrinated by the existing system without questioning the logic of the situation. If you are tied and totally focused on the current leasing and… Read More »

Pub Co Duplicity or Stupidity?

Picture this. A beautiful pub in the country with restaurant and 6 letting rooms. A pub company that says it IS doing £179,000 per year on wet and they will charge £40,000 rent. Add to this food (Est by Brewery £45,000 minimum), and accommodation (Est by brewery £60,000) Not unreasonable for the lot! Then add… Read More »

Pub Co’s and Competition Commission

The Industry has to change radically. Some ideas to think about, submitted to the MA Forum 17th June 09. Existing turnover has to be a key factor in any rental or freehold calculation, it is the pub’s or businesses market share at any time. To ignore it leads to a totally false valuation. Taking a… Read More »

Morgan & Clarke Chartered Surveyors

  Specialising in all aspects of Licensed and Leisure Property Morgan & Clarke are a firm of Chartered Surveyors operating  nationwide, they have fully qualified Chartered Surveyors  (RICS) and long experienced pub consultants within their staff, all have been involved in the last two BISC Inquiries into Pub Co Activities,  in considerable depth and the consultations with the RICS… Read More »