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Buying a Pub, Bistro, Licensed Premises and other useful Information

“The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub, Bistro, Licensed Premises.” The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub is now available to purchase as an ebook through for $5.99 or UK equivalent approximately £4.30, depending on the exchange rate. In addition you can read some the book by clicking on the Link below,… Read More »

How to:- pair cheese,  Speciality Food Magazine

If you would like to Advertise with us, please click on the following:- Link How to:- pair cheese,  Speciality Food Magazine Clare Jackson of Slate, a specialist cheese retailer and delicatessen in Aldeburgh, walks us through her ultimate cheese pairing suggestions Blue: Blue cheeses are wonderfully enhanced by a touch of sweetness to cut through… Read More »

Dorset-based, LITTLEWINDSOR LTD, launches free-range Pickled Quail Eggs

Dorset-based, LITTLEWINDSOR LTD, launches free-range Pickled Quail Eggs Exciting pickled quail eggs are perfect as a pub and picnic snack Beaminster, Dorset; 30 September 2015 – Littlewindsor Ltd, an independent producer of quail eggs based in Littlewindsor, West Dorset is excited to launch a pickled quail egg product, perfect for pub snacks, Ploughman’s lunches and… Read More »

Mushrooms and Bacon or Smoked Salmon in a Garlic and Cream Sauce

  The original recipe came from The Trigger Pond, Bicester Road, Bucknell, Oxon, the previous owners have been gone for some years and the present licensee was delighted to have his pub mentioned as the source of the original recipe. The pub is now owned by Wadworths Brewery. Mushrooms and Bacon in a Garlic and Cream Sauce  10-12 Small Button… Read More »

Cheesy Garlic Mushrooms

CHEESY GARLIC MUSHROOMS  1/2 lb mushrooms 1 clove crushed garlic 1-2 oz butter a good squeeze of lemon juice 1/4 pint double or whipping cream 20z grated cheddar cheese parsley salt and pepper Fresh bread crumbs Melt butter in saucepan and add the mushrooms and garlic, when cooked add the lemon juice and a good… Read More »

Chicken Liver Pate with Brandy and Green Peppercorns

CHICKEN LIVER PATE WITH BRANDY AND GREEN PEPPERCORNS (This is a very rich, tasty Pate’, ideal for a starter or a snack served with a roll or toast.)   1lb Chicken Livers 12oz butter 4Tablespoons of brandy 2 teaspoons green peppercorns 1 large teaspoon English Mustard 1/4 teaspoon Grated nutmeg large pinch thyme 1 fat… Read More »

Potted Stilton with Walnuts and Port

POTTED STILTON WITH WALNUTS AND PORT   8oz Stilton 8oz butter 1oz walnuts 2 tablespoons of port   Combine all the ingredients together in a food processor and put into individual ramekins serve with hot toast.

Potted Trout or Salmon

POTTED TROUT OR SALMON   8oz cooked trout or salmon 8oz softened butter 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley 2 teaspoons lemon juice 1 small crushed clove garlic salt and pepper   Gently melt the butter  in saucepan then fold in the flaked trout or salmon and the rest of the ingredients .  Put into individual… Read More »