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This editorial has been submitted by David Morgan FRICS as a guide to the vagaries of rental and rating valuation, the rating, contrary to a lot of opinions is very dependent on the rental valuation methods. Sadly, as a freehouse owner of many years, it always incensed me that my rates were wholly estimated on the basis of leased pubs and not the actual viability.

Vagaries of Arbitration and the need for a switched-on Stocktaker and Surveyor (Barrel-dregs 264)

  The Vagaries of Arbitration, and the need for a switched-on Stocktaker and Surveyor acting for you.   Arbitration should be a logical resolution to any dispute, sadly with rental disputes it would appear not, from a recent case.  It is assumed that the Arbitrator is totally knowledgeable on all aspects of the subject in… Read More »

MORGAN & CLARKE MAY 2012 NEWSLETTER NO. 6, well worth reading

Pub Rent and Leases sharp practice??? MORGAN & CLARKE  MAY 2012 NEWSLETTER NO. 6 Pigeon House, The Broadway, Oakridge Lynch, Stroud, Glos. GL6 7NU Email:   Phone:  01285 719292 (Also at:  London, Cardiff, Matlock, Braunton, Lewes)   Technology can be a wondrous and sometimes dangerous thing if not fully understood and controlled.   Whilst it… Read More »

Rent and Rating Tips

Rent and Rating Tips I have just had a lengthy meeting with a lessee who wants to take his rent review to the Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme (PIRRS) which came into force in October 09. It is well worth referring to this article for guidance if you are considering taking your review to PIRRS.… Read More »

Fair Maintainable Trade

I was asked to view a pub and assess the Fair Maintainable Trade for a possible Rent Review. I have banged the drum constantly that the business is finite and not infinite and that creating new business under normal circumstances is very difficult, taking business from another pub is creating new business for the developing… Read More »