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A collection of comments about Brulines, we would like Brulines to give us an editorial to clarify and remove all the speculation that exists.

Barrel-Dregs, Brulines have stirred up the GMB (140)

TRADING STANDARDS PROTOCOL SAYS BRULINES FIGURES USED TO FINE PUB TENANTS ARE “ESTIMATED”, EQUIPMENT CAN BE “CIRCUMVENTED” AND ADVISES TESTERS TO KEEP TENANTS IN THE DARK   This trading standards protocol should be published in full by local trading standards officers investigating Brulines equipment in pubs says GMB   The Trading Standards protocol for officers… Read More »

Barrel-Dregs, Brulines Confessions. (139)

BRULINES CONFESSIONS. How often is it that Pot Boy hears of the “well I fessed up, ‘ad no choice, know wot I mean”. Usual con trick of so called irrefutable Brulines data as to buying out. Your lease, your livelihood, kids at school, your sanity all at risk through the accusation that you have been “robbing”… Read More »

Barrel-Dregs, Brulines Fines. (134)

BRULINES FINES Pot Boy must say from the start that he does not condone the breaking of a contract, in this case your Pubco lease. The Lease is legally binding as are its consequences. Having said all that, Pot Boy is as equally strong on condemning the Pubco BRM/BDM bully boy tactics wrapped up in the proven… Read More »

Brulines and possibly the Big Beer Keg Con???

Brulines and possibly the Big Beer Keg Con??? Further to the previous article, after a number of phone calls and emails. The reluctance to divulge any under sale of monitored beers by companies using Brulines monitoring system raises an even bigger spectre. Assuming that Brulines equipment is accurate, as stated by Brulines and the Pub… Read More »

Brulines the on going Saga

I have a modicum of sympathy for Brulines as a Company and these are purely my thoughts and views. They have a system which was designed as a monitoring service, re my previous comments. To be an accurate system it would appear to need to be operated within very strict parameters, which is a near… Read More »