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A Ghostly Pub Tale for Christmas.

“A Pub Co Christmas Carol” It was 11.30 pm Christmas Eve 2020, a foul night, freezing with sleet and snow,  gale force winds roaring across the West Country. The M5 was blocked and a few diversions were in place, the North Coast Road was the only one open to Cornwall and that was blocked on… Read More »

Pub Co Tied Leases, Questions that you need to Ask and Answers that you need to know. (Part 1)

               Pub Co Tied Leases or a TAW,                      Questions that you need to Ask and Answers that you need to know before you start spending money. (Part 1) All these questions you need positive answers to, in writing, from… Read More »

Why you should not take a Pub Co Tied Lease, at this moment of time? Barrel-Dregs.

Why you should not take a major Pub Co Tied Lease or a TAW, at this moment of time? The Pub Co’s  would appear to have been objecting to various issues within the New Legislation, the situation has in many peoples eyes become unworkable, especially for the Lessees, existing and future in respect of the… Read More »

A Black Hole in Tenant/Lessee Support

It would appear that there is yet another hole in the system, in terms of any form of protection for tenants and lessees. We have the BII Codes of Practice, designed to stop abuses by companies within defined guidelines. We have PIRRS (Pub Independent Rent Review Scheme) designed to stop unjustifiable rent increases. We have… Read More »