A nasty Scam with Credit Card Machines, Barrel-Dregs

By | April 24, 2016

A nasty Scam with Credit Card Machines, Barrel-Dregs

One of our Members had been with a Credit Card Company for just over two years, at the time they claimed to have the best deal and certainly appeared so.

Barclays came in offering a better deal and he agreed to switch, his current company wanted £200 for breaking his contract.

The savings would be well in excess of the £200 exit fee and he went ahead.

An American based leasing company came on to him, saying that he was breaking his contract, they supply the Credit Card Machines on lease and want £300 or will take him to court.

He and his staff had never heard of them, it appears that the card company have some sort of leasing deal with this company, he is hunting through the copious agreement and so far has found nothing connecting with this company, even in the very small print.

He paid the £300, having no desire to be dragged through the courts for a relatively small sum.

I phoned the Card Company and asked about leasing credit card machines and using their services.

They told me that they had an eighteen month contract for machines and their services.

The big question, like the Energy Companies, if you don’t negotiate a new contract before your current one expires, do they automatically put you on a new contract with themselves and this dubious leasing company.

Having looked on the Internet, the name of the card machine leasing company appears to have changed several times, their head office is in San Diego and would appear to have a subsidiary business in the UK, but there are many tales of woe.

Sadly, we cannot use names at this moment of time, but check your agreements, especially anything on Card Machine leasing suppliers and then go to Card Leasing Machine complaints on the Internet.

We have a  company Handepay, who is highly competitive and well worth checking out.

Contact:- Scott Masson for in depth info on this Handepay Scott.Masson@handepay.co.uk  

We will keep you posted.

Potboy West

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