The weeks comments by the Sages of the Industry

By | May 14, 2016


The weeks comments by the Sages of the Industry

The eternal appeal of fish and chips by Glynn Davis

While enjoying a trip to visit my family in Yorkshire recently we had what is a pretty rare meal for me – takeaway fish and chips. When I was younger growing up in the county this was a weekly treat but then when I moved south I was perennially disappointed whenever presented with this iconic dish so I gave up on it. I was later informed this was likely because I’d been brought up on my fish fried in beef dripping. Lusciously flavoursome but the delicate southerners apparently found this did not deliver the crispness of batter they required. They preferred a more tempura-style batter than the hardcore northern variety.

Apparently there are many regional taste variations with different oils, different fish, and different batter colours being preferred in various parts of the country. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why there has never been a national fish and chip chain of any substance. Instead there are more than 10,000 largely independently owned fish and chip shops around the UK, with each having a tremendous amount of loyalty from their customers. NPD Group found the average shop has a relatively small but extremely loyal customer base of only 578 people. With such a small number these businesses thankfully see a lot more regular purchases from their customer base than the chains typically achieve.  Read More

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