ALMR Early adoption of Pub Code needed to avoid further confusion

By | June 22, 2016

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ALMR Early adoption of Pub Code needed to avoid further confusion

Following the publication of a revised Statutory Code for Pubs, the ALMR has welcomed the move towards clarification but urged the Government to implement the code at the earliest opportunity.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “The publication of the revised Code will provide licensees with some peace of mind and a sense of clarification on an issue that has dragged on for some time now.

“We note with some concern, however, that the revised Code appears to give no mention of a solid implementation date, only that the legislation will take effect the day after its approval.

“Any further delays risk adding to the sense of uncertainty, undermining confidence and investment and will pose further problems for any lessees with ongoing issues.

“The ALMR will be pressing BIS and the Committee Clerk to provide us with a degree of certainty regarding the timetable for implementation. The ALMR will also continue to work closely with its members, providing support and information at our workshops, during this period of transition.”

PGB will continue to provide support for lessees

The Pub Governing Body has confirmed that both the Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme (PIRRS) and the Pubs Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service (PICA-Service) will continue following the adoption of the Statutory Code for Pubs.

The PGB will provide services for pub companies that operate fewer than 500 tied pubs, with both schemes as part of self-regulation in the sector. The PICA-Service for lessees of these smaller pub companies will be based on a updated voluntary code that reflects the statutory code for the larger pub companies, with the revised code due to come into effect at the same time as statutory legislation.

The PIRRS and PICA-Service will also deal with any cases from lessees of pub companies covered by Industry Framework Code Version 6 relating to events prior to the statutory code for one year after the new code’s implementation.

Sir Peter Luff, Chairman of the Pub Governing Body said:

“The PGB still has a vital role to play, as the industry enters a new phase.

“Companies with fewer than 500 tied pubs will not be covered by the statutory code and it is essential that options for licensees to settle disputes quickly still exist.

“So while the landscape of licensed hospitality is evolving, we will remain on hand to provide speedy and affordable dispute resolution for tenants and lessees.

“The PGB will also continue to work with pubs based in Scotland via a Scottish specific voluntary code, providing crucial support for those businesses not affected by legislative change.

“Furthermore, both PIRRS and PICA-Service will be available for disputes arising under the old regime, with a period of one year, from the commencement of statutory regulation, to bring those cases forward.

“As the sector adjusts to change it is more important than ever that the PGB is on hand to provide cost-effective and impartial support for businesses.”

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