PAS and MRO, the PCA office published a letter today, read on.

By | September 12, 2016


PAS and MRO, the PCA office published a letter today, read on.

For all readers advice, there has been a letter from the PCA office published today, our many representations to the PCA haven’t gone unnoticed and they have been pushed into making a statement, you can read the statement here >

We understand that the BIS department also will also be making a statement next week regarding the PCA – again we have been forwarding them as many representations as possible outlining problems with the pubs code and gaming by pubco’s etc

In regards to requests made for books or accounts by your landlords please note if you are asking for the MRO option you do not have to show your books as the MRO is a new lease and therefore not a rent review, as far as we understand most tied agreements state that books can only be requested at rent review and not under a new agreement / renewal. We would urge members to avoid be tricked into handing over books when requesting MRO – if in doubt check your lease or contact us.

In respect of any complaints that you may wish to file with the PCA office for them to arbitrate please note you have to issue a formal notice to your landlord indicating that they have 21 days to comply or you shall go ahead file a complaint with the PCA. The PCA office will reject complaints if you havent given your pubco 21 days notice first, if your Pubco has indicated that they are at deadlock before the 21 days is up then you can proceed to file your complaint earlier. Make sure you show the PCA that you are at deadlock (copies of emails / letter etc)

Apologies for any slowness in responding to individual queries we are working 14 hour days such is the vol of contact re the pubs code and PCA.

Chris Wright

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