Brulines explained,  it is a beer monitoring system installed by many Pub Co’s.

By | November 22, 2017

Brulines explained,  it is a beer monitoring system installed by many Pub Co’s.

For those who do not know what Brulines are, it is a beer monitoring system installed by many Pub Co’s.

Having had lunch with a Brulines Representative some years ago, the company has some concerns about the interpretation of the alleged flow data.

Certain companies are using the data to claim that lessees are buying out and are threatening enormous fines or forfeiture of their leases for breaching their lease agreements by supposedly buying out.

The people that I have met are adamant that they have not bought out, but because of good practice on cleaning beer lines with additional flushing or blasting gas through the lines this has caused totally inaccurate readings.

The Pub Co’s claim that they make allowance or exclude beer line cleaning out of trading hours, what they fail to do is accept flushing water through after emptying a barrel during trading hours.

One gallon per line will cause chaos to the system after every empty barrel, but ensure that you record the amount , time and date, be assured the BDM will be around in due course checking.

I am reliably informed that some companies have incentive schemes to catch lessees out or try to prove that they are buying out on some very flimsy information, so much for their claims to a partnership on their web sites.

There are a number of investigations being carried out at present regarding the validity of the Brulines Data, because it’s original use was a flow recorder, it would appear to be legal.

The moment that fines were imposed or threatened by various Pub Co’s the accuracy and validity of using this information comes into question.

Inform your local Weights and Measures Dept immediately that you get any threats from the Pub Co and ask for the system to be checked for legality as a source of revenue (fines etc)

To be legally enforceable I am told that the system has to be calibrated and able to be viewed and checked regularly, which the present systems are not. There is some mention of a more accurate system to try to comply with any Weights and Measures requirements, but I have no knowledge about it at the moment.

If you have a problem email us at and we will try and get a well informed response to you on the subject, don’t be intimidated.

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