Pub Advisory Service – Going Free of Tie

By | March 6, 2018

Pub Advisory Service  –  Going Free of Tie



Dear Tied Tenants/Lessees

The Pubs Advisory Service represents tied tenants/lessees and has been actively engaging with the Government for many years as stakeholders. The Business Energy & Industrial Strategy department, introduced in 2016 a Market Rent Only option, a Pubs Code and a low-cost adjudicator service to oversee disputes.

The support we offer is delivered by independent professional advisors, the same team that negotiated and consulted on the Pubs Code itself. No other service is closer or better placed to maximise the win of using the Pubs Code. We have already guided many tenants/lessees through the new legislation leaving them better informed, leveling the playing field and ensuring that they are no worse off. If you are serious about improving the profitability of your business, then find out what the Pubs Code can do for you.

Going free of tie does not mean your rent doubles, or that you have to pay what your landlord demands.

PAS is a recognised stakeholder of the Pubs Code, our evidence and regular updates on trade issues affecting tenants continue to be supplied to the Government, to ensure that the code is effective in representing the interests of tied tenants.

Our goal is to ensure Tied Tenants/Lessees can benefit from the value in the Pubs Code. The MRO option can be “triggered”.

Common triggers include;

-Rent Review

-Lease Renewal

-Significant price increases

-Changes to local infrastructure (i.e. football club moves away)

-Changes to the operation of your current tie, by your landlord.

It is not mandatory to take up your MRO option, if you are happy being tied and can afford to turn down the possibility of an extra 15% gross profit, then MRO is probably not for you.

Try out our MRO calculator at  LINK

See how profitable it can be for your business.

I personally invite tied tenants/lessees to get in touch with me,

Chris Wright, Head of the Pubs Advisory Service.

Contact details-


Phone 0203 651 3351

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