Brulines Explained or we would like to think so, (Barrel Dregs)

By | March 30, 2009
Brulines System

Brulines System Install


Brulines Explained or we would like to think so, (Barrel Dregs)

For those who do not know what Brulines are, it is a beer monitoring system installed by many Pub Co’s.

Having had lunch with a Brulines Representative a few weeks ago, the company has some concerns about the interpretation of the alleged flow data.

Certain companies are using the data to claim that lessees are buying out and are threatening enormous fines or forfeiture of their leases for breaching their lease agreements by supposedly buying out.

The people that I have met are adamant that they have not bought out, but because of good practice on cleaning beer lines with additional flushing or blasting gas through the lines this has caused totally inaccurate readings.

The Pub Co’s claim that they make allowance or exclude beer line cleaning out of trading hours, what they fail to do is accept flushing water through after emptying a barrel during trading hours.

One gallon per line will cause chaos to the system after every empty barrel, but ensure that you record the amount , time and date, be assured the BDM will be around in due course checking.

I am reliably informed that some companies have incentive schemes to catch lessees out or try to prove that they are buying out on some very flimsy information, so much for their claims to a partnership on their web sites.

There are a number of investigations being carried out at present regarding the validity of the Brulines Data, because it’s original use was a flow recorder, it would appear to be legal.

The moment that fines were imposed or threatened by various Pub Co’s the accuracy and validity of using this information comes into question.

Inform your local Weights and Measures Dept immediately that you get any threats from the Pub Co and ask for the system to be checked for legality as a source of revenue (fines etc)

To be legally enforceable I am told that the system has to be calibrated and able to be viewed and checked regularly, which the present systems are not. There is some mention of a more accurate system to try to comply with any Weights and Measures requirements, but I have no knowledge about it at the moment.

If you have a problem email us at and we will try and get a well informed person to talk to you on the subject, don’t be intimidated.

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9 thoughts on “Brulines Explained or we would like to think so, (Barrel Dregs)

  1. John Davenport

    About a year ago, one of the pubcos wrote to its lessees, suggesting/insisting that lines needed to be cleaned once per week..To maintain beer quality!!

    We all know that Beer Quality is not of concern to them, so why did they want to have the lines cleaned every week then? Something to do with brulines calibration???

    Any ideas?

  2. Bar fly

    By not cleaning it throws their calculations out if they have a fixed cleaning volume allowance. It would mean that you could in fact buy out to the volume of water not used in cleaning.
    The other aspect by not cleaning weekly is possible yeast build up on the venturi type meter which will slow down it’s spinning and record less beer sales and build up a credit which could be used for buying out.
    The SEC Report panned Brulines as an accurate monitoring service, since it was unable to determine the difference between water and beer.

    1. darren prewitt

      hi i have i detector on my seperate cleaning line so i couldn,t build up beer credit by not cleaning that often.

  3. Bar fly

    Brulines the continuing saga.
    The Weights and Measures have finally arrived and investigated a number of pubs at this moment of time, the results are restricted until they have been reappraised because the intial findings have caused apparent concern as to the accuracy and possible legality of the system.
    To quote, the lessee has declined to be identified for obvious reasons.
    Weights and measures came in today and carried out an inspection of the equipment. As far as I could tell he had concerns over the fact that the units are hidden with no counter, there is no proof of calibration , the ease at which mistakes could be made, the delay in data retrieval and I can’t remember the rest. He was chuntering something about weights and measures and said he had serious concerns.
    He has taken the details of the manufacturer of the actual units, Brulines and was going to investigate, along with other Trading Standards areas.

    It’s a start, lets keep it going the more checks that are carried out will confirm it’s accuracy or inaccuracy, if it is proved illegal or inaccurate a lot of legal action could be in the offing, hopefully the boot will be on the other foot for a lot of lessees.


    Ask them to tell you how many pints your lines hold! I know how many I lose on a clean, they don’t! After 4 requests for this info they recently sent someone to measure my lines… the absence of a tape measure he did it with his feet. That’ll be intersting in a court.

  5. Editor

    After all the flack about Brulines the Pub Co’s are still living in a fantasy world about the capabilities of Brulines.
    If they are going to measure wastage, it should be measured accurately over a number of cleanings to arrive at an approximate figure, since an accurate figure is impossible without proper verified calibration.
    Will these companies never learn or are they so out of touch that they have no idea how a beer cellar system works.

  6. A Pye

    My local pub is having the same problem with the bruline monitors, after having a look I noticed a lot of faults in the way the system is ran, I am amazed that brulines are getting away with actually installing this system into pubs.

    Here are a few things I noticed
    1. my pub sometimes runs a line clean straight from the water container with line cleaner mixed , the problem here is that there is no way of telling the system this is not beer its line cleaner /water

    2. Different pubs have different line distances thus meaning that every pub will have a different amount of wastage in the line, there is no system to measure this wastage

    3. if the monitoring system is placed on a vertical line and you have an active line (lots of bubbles) did you know this actually is enough to turn the monitor wheel

    4. as said above no way of telling what is been pulled through its like having an electricity meter with no reading

    5. On the website it is on average 3 weeks behind so for 3 weeks after you have pumped the beer through you do not know how much

    6. on the website it relies on staff entering the correct delivery figures any mistakes and the pub could get fined unless you have proof of what you bought ( in other words check what you ordered and check what they said you ordered)

    7.the volume of each keg varies an 11g keg is never 11g spot on it may be over or under not including what may be left at the bottom that has not been picked up, over time this can mount up and cause issues.

    8. this is not slandering brulines but its a theory, if say a certain company wants a tenant out there is no third party to stop brulines from been paid to play with the figures to make it look like they are buying out as far as I know , please correct me if I am wrong and I will apologise.

    9. Brulines are not calibrated enough and no concrete proof is given on the fact that is it calibrated correctly

    i could sit here all night and reel off things but I am not going to

    in my opinion the measuring device should be located as close to the tap as possible horizontal on a none return line there should also be some sort of sensor to determine the type of liquid in the line located as close to the barrel as possible(maybe in the float chamber) these 2 devices working together will be able to wipe out the need to asses how much liquid is in the distance of beer line as soon as the line cleaner is pushed thru the beer that is left in the line will be classed as line cleaner due to the sensor in the float chamber sensing that it is not beer but line cleaner .
    Brulines should be monitored by an independent approved company* only problem there is cost.
    The website should be live update to enable the user to determine an accurate reading and also control stock more efficiently if not there should be a meter in the seller showing what amount has flowed thru each line, although this will require many meters.
    Calibrations should be done at a set period and the user shown the before and after accuracies.

    this is just my opinion i hope this may help and i also hope someone from brulines might take some advice from this

    A Pye

  7. mark edgell

    Having just been inspected by Brulines again today, i am compelled to start hunting web sites and forums discussing the accuracy of the systems they use.
    As a lessee who has not purchased outside the tie in the two years here, i was horrified to learn that ‘alarm bells’ had starting ringing at Brulines (hence the visit). They found in an 18 week period (snapshot), that we were over dispensed by 37 gallons of Fosters, 22 of Guinness, 12 john smiths, 11 of kronenbourg, 14of strongbow, 6 of stella four, and oddly enough and most baffling UNDERDISPENSED by 39 gallons of Carling, so it would seem that somewhere on our premesis i have somehow mislaid around 4 x 11g carlings which i must admit would be clumsy!
    I am now awaiting data for the whole of the two years since we have been here, at my cost i might add. As the snapshot of 18 weeks started with minuses and they were unable to tell me where and when these had occured. I was also dismayed to learn that our Fosters line exhibited a minus figure of 12gallons on the day we took over 2 years ago. No one told us, and i think it only right that the numbers should have zeroed at that time.
    Incidentally; my lines are approx 3 pints long, and i clean them every week without fail. Therefore 3 pints x 104 weeks (here) = 312 pints divided by 8 = 39 gallons. Not only might this explain the discrepancy, but also its own inaccuracy, and what other inaccuracies we find on digging further, goes to highlight the dubious nature of this system.


    1. James

      I am currently researching draught beer monitoring systems and just trying to figure out exactly how brulines operate and what role their reps play in interfering in your daily run of your business.Do these reps walk in and check that system is working corectly or if you find a problem do you put a call into the service team.Do u the publican have instant access to information gathered from the system for example if you are on holidays can you access the system to see how draught sales are and if any of ur staff have been too nice to the customers(give aways).I would have thought that this type of a product would be to help the publican and the breweries.Please return a comment


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