Independent and managed pubs are driving the sector, (Barrel-dregs)

By | September 26, 2018

Report from the Morning Advertiser

Independent and managed pubs are driving the sector

Well, well, well! The major Pub Co’s would appear to have lost the plot, this report confirms what the majority of the thinking members of the industry have realised for many years.

Free of Tie and Managed Houses are the only pubs that are making progress, Family Brewers Tied Tenancies would appear to be running third as a lesser option, which leaves the major Pub Co’s with a sick grin on their faces.

They chose to try and block progress and oppose the New Legislation with the MRO (Market Rent Option), the effects are finally coming home to roost, with the falling drinks trade.

Until such time as the major Pub Co’s conform totally to the New Legislation in all respects and stop their attempts at finding legal arguments to delay complying, in our view avoid Pub Co Tied Commercial Leases, if you are able to get an old long term lease with the benefits of the 54 Act at a rent that is totally realistic, even then you must get decent professional advice from a Surveyor who acts for Lessees, not ones that sells leases.

If the major Pub Co’s want to increase their market share, let the Lessees take the MRO option at a realistic rent.

If the Pub Co’s do that, yet have no idea how to make a profit, get rid of your debt collecting BDM’s and get the good ones to understand how a pub makes money and help the lessees.

Stop recruiting people who should never be in a pub or food business, if your pubs are still failing, email us at, we are not available Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, we are all playing golf or fishing, if they are biting.

Potboy (South)

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