Greene King drops PCA judicial review proceedings, Barrel-Dregs

By | October 23, 2018

Please click on the Link in Blue below for the MA’s view.

Greene King drops PCA judicial review proceedings

By Nicholas Robinson


Apologies for not being able to print the whole story, the MA don’t like other people printing them, but it is worth a read.

Until the Pub Co’s start working and complying with the new Legislation and the PCA, we still have reservations and our views will not change, until they do.

Latest news, it appears that the Judge threw GK’s action out against the Pub Co Adjudicator, the reported info was a little misleading, giving the impression that some sort of sense had entered into the Pub Co, Tide Lease arena.

Not on your life, the situation remains the same, don’t even waste your time on considering a Pub Co Tied Lease until such time as all major Pub Co’s comply with the latest Legislation in it’s entirety or is legally sorted out, and could therefore take years.

Potboy West


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