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By | January 2, 2019



The Top 10 Recipes Most Popular & Pinned in 2018 and a THANK YOU GIVEAWAY!



First of all, as we say ‘ciao’ and ‘goodbye’ to 2018, we’d like to welcome each and every one of you who’ve joined our blog community at La Bella Vita Cucina this year . . . as well as send a big Italian cyber-hug of thanks to those who’ve been with us throughout our years since 2008. That’s a full 10 years ago when we started this blogging gig and didn’t even know what we were doing except sharing our family’s cherished recipes on the Internet and about living life on a little country acreage in the middle of nowhere.

By tagging along with us and reading our recipes and lifestyle posts, you’ve placed your trust in us to share with you only the best recipes and tips that we can give you in return. My husband and I truly mean this and are so grateful for all of you.

Our promise to you for 2019 is to continue to share only our most delicious recipes and valuable tips to help you in your quest to live life beautifully and deliciously!

So what did all of you love the most in 2018 here…Read More


Italian Lentil Soup New Year’s Tradition

On New Year’s Eve in Italy, one cannot forget to eat a hearty bowl of Italian Lentil Soup at midnight!

Once you taste this outrageously, out-of-this-world and insanely delicious soup, you’ll understand why Lentil Soup is so special to Italians and savored at the end and beginning of each year! Words can’t describe this flavor. If you follow the steps precisely, you’ll soon be enjoying it too!

All cultures, including Italians, have rituals for welcoming the beginning of a new year, mostly focused on good health and prosperity. New Year’s Eve is a very special celebration for families in Italy. As in all Italian meals, food is the focal point on “La Festa di San Silvestro” or “Sera di Capo di Anno”. Gathering at a large table for a cenone (big feast), family and friends share their thoughts about the previous year’s blessings along with hopeful optimism for the coming year.

According to tradition, most Italians celebrate by eating one very important food: lentils and in large quantities…Read More


7 Ways on HOW to Make the ULTIMATE Charcuterie & Cheese Boards.

Tried and true foods for entertaining can easily feature any of these guaranteed

7 Ways on HOW to Make the ULTIMATE Charcuterie & Cheese Boards.

For our family, no get-together would be complete without a huge spread of Italian antipasti that always includes ‘charcuterie’ or Italian cured meats, cheeses and olives, at the bare minimum.

Actually, this is the most fun and CREATIVE element to prepare for any holiday gathering and entertaining event.

If you’re looking for some ‘no stress’ foods to offer your guests, then you’ve now met one of your ‘go-to’ entertaining must-have’s! Your own preferences dictate what you’ll include on the charcuterie boards: Loaded up cheese varieties, cured meats, fresh fruit, bread slices, nuts and spreads. With this simple guide, you can put together an endless array of amazing flavour combinations that any of your guests will love!

Now don’t worry, I know, I know, I KNOW that the word “charcuterie” can sound a bit intimidating and culinarily-snobbish. But…Read More

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