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Links for reference

Accountancy F.A.Q’s

Allergens have been identified as a possible source of problems  Read More

Asbestos Report including old Artex Ceilings and Walls Check for More

Auto Enrolment and Staff Pensions  Check for More

Automatic Enrolment Pensions (UK Government), advice for employers

Authorised Guarantee Agreement (AGA) LINK

Bank business accounts READ ON

Banks FAQ’s for small businesses

Banning Tips is good for Business

Business Credit Card machines LINK

Business Debt Management LINK

Buying a Pub or Restaurant, FAQ’s

Buying New Equipment, FAQ’s

Certification for all gas and electrical appliances where applicable Check for More

Check Lists for people buying Licensed Property Businesses LINK

“The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub, Bistro, Licensed Premises.”

Commercial Mortgages, FAQ’s

Credit and cash Flow  More


Dilaps 1 Scottish Lawyer

Dilaps 2 London

Dilaps 3 UK

Dilaps 4 Barrel-Dregs

Dilaps 5

Electrical safety at work HSE (regulations)

Employing Casual Staff, be careful

Employment Advice on taking on Staff

Employment contracts – GOV.UK

Employment Law, FAQ’s

Energy and M.E.E.S.

Energy Comparison, FAQ’s

Energy Performance Certificates for your business premises

Environmental Health and Fire Risk Information

FAQ’s for people thinking about buying any small Business

FAQ’s  on running a Business More

FAQ’s, the lighter side, when talking to customers.

Fire safety equipment contract, Risk Assessment Check for More

Fire Risk Legislation and Information

First Aid Courses for your Business

Health and Safety  LINK

How many Senior Pub Co Management are Fit for Purpose

HM Revenue & Customs: Regulations

Insurance, Business and property, public Liability More.

Insurance, FAQ’s

Interview Staff Check for More

Lease with a sting in the tail LINK

Legal FAQ’s, (Legal Aid, Civil, Criminal Law and other) LINK

Licensing and Gambling legislation, 24 hour Hot Line 0114 2600 344

Operating Schedule Licensed Property LINK

PDQ,  Machines for Credit Card Check for More

Proof of Age Standards Scheme LINK

Pub Co’s offering 5 year Leases? Some Guidance in this questionable move.

Pub Co takes back your Lease for it’s own use, what happens? LINK

Questions you need to ask the Landlord, they also cover Tied Leases MORE

Questions with Answers before you take a Commercial Lease (Part 2) LINK

Questions with Answers before you take a Tied Lease (Part 2) LINK

Regulations for Disabled Compliance  Check for More

Regulations for Disabled Compliance

Rent, Rates and FMT

Rent Reviews, Surveyors FAQ’s

Retail Outlet Check List you need before you buy a Business (Unlicensed)

RPI being replaced by the RPIJ, essential reading for everyone, “What a Rip-Off”

Scores on the Doors an essential for all businesses involving Food Hygiene, Read More

Selling a Pub, Restaurant or Licensed Property lease or tenancy, Check List

Sole Trader Check List on Takeover Day

Staff Redundancy, Details of possible redundancy commitment for existing staff   in cost, to you. Check for More

Staff Redundancy in the UK

Stocktaking FAQ’s Link

“The Common Sense Guide to Buying a Pub, Bistro, Licensed Premises.”

VAT Registration

Weights and measures signs and compliance Check for More

Weights and Measures Act 1985 –

What to look for when Viewing Pubs, Restaurants & Bars etc.

Why Banning Tips is good for Business

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