Taking over a pub??????

By | March 13, 2018

Taking over a pub?????

I visited a pub some time ago, which had previously been a managed house for a Regional Brewer and was now going over to a lease.

The new lessee did all the things by the book or so he thought, the so called reputable Regional Brewer did not.

Equipment, one new microwave was definitely removed after signing the lease and replaced by a well used one, most of the equipment was decidedly suspect, yet the place was supposed to have been subject to a refurbishment less than a year ago.

The new lessee had to completely redo the kitchen, the extractor system which looked shiny and well cared for, was anything other than that. The main outlet duct which had no means of access without cutting a larger venting hole in the side which was full of sticky grease. The contract cleaners employed by the brewer did not go behind the front or visibly exposed areas, the whole thing was a major fire hazard. The fire inspection worked on the principle that if you couldn’t see it it wouldn’t burn?????

The tale carried on endlessly, but among the worst nasties were the staff. The agreement was that all the staff should be taken on, this is an area where a new licensee can be taken to the cleaners. The staff had supposed contracts of employments, most of which had been ignored by the brewer and the new lessee was supposed to honour them.

Certain members of staff, because of long service in the event of redundancy would be entitled to reasonably substantial payments, the brewer declined to honour this obligation as well????

This particular Brewer will not be getting on my list of Good Companies to work for.

The thing that staggers me is that this particular company moved from the reputable family brewer to a reasonably aggressive Pub Co, not of enormous size, but they did have problems with over valued properties in their pursuit of growth and complaints of high rents from lessees.


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