Parliamentary Select Committee enquiry into Pub Co’s

By | March 1, 2009

Parliamentary Select Committee enquiry into Pub Co’s

If you would like to view the transcript of the Select Committee Hearings follow the link, it makes very interesting reading.

The BBPA did their masters bidding and made pretence of endorsing the Pub Co model. The ALMR represented by Nick Bish gave an honest opinion about the state of the industry and the activities of the more questionable practices which may be legal but are unacceptable in today’s world. John McNamara representing the BII was in my opinion a total embarrassment to the BII in his failure to support the members problems, he is either totally unaware of the problems that members face or he is supportive of the Pub Co’s, he claimed as always that the Charitable Status of the BII restricted any form of comment about the problems facing members and others. Strangely his attendance and comments or lack of comments raised no mention on the Enquiry on the front page of the Morning Advertiser. If members are being put into penury by every legal loophole that can be exploited, I question the legality as being morally unacceptable, as a Charitable Trust the BII should be responsible for it’s members and others welfare or do I have the incorrect spelling of Charitable. The BII’s present management would appear to out of touch with the realities of the industry, some of the Regional Chairman do not share that view and would like it stressed that they are fully supportive of members and very seriously concerned about the state of the industry at present. The next Chairman’s meeting could raise some interesting debate, I hope for all members that are left the new CEO is more focused.

The great Mr Ted Tuppen came over as a person that I would not like to work for, whose accusations of stealing and tax evasion made a number of MP’s question the authenticity of such heinous crimes, fortunately his right hand man rescued him from committing verbal suicide and total loss of credibility, in my opinion, I have to add that in case I get sued for libel. He did himself and his company no favours.

Giles Thorley slid through the Hearing with consummate ease and appeared to be a caring boss, if I hadn’t seen the problems that a number of Punch lessees are contending with, he might just change direction, but I think it unlikely, all the major Pub Co’s have set their model and it will take Government legislation to change it.

A number of issues were vehemently denied and the images portrayed did not correspond to that which I face day to day.
If any of our viewers can read the transcript please send your observations and comments to the Select Committee before 6th January 09, they must be factual and not hearsay, the Committee are writing to the Pub Co’s with a number of questions.

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2 thoughts on “Parliamentary Select Committee enquiry into Pub Co’s

  1. LIsa


    I have just had a letter I wrote to SIBA accepted as evidence into the enquiry on Pub Co’s. They are looking for anything to do with price structure as long as it is factual and provable.

  2. Editor

    Lisa, I have replied direct to you with someone that may be able to help. Sadly all my brewer friends will not put the discounts into the Public Domain for fear of losing the business or the so called retail price to achieve the discounts. Would you like to suggest to Louise who is the Clerk of the Select Committee that they write direct to the major suppliers asking for details of the discounts per brewers barrel and the so called retail price. These companies will then be obliged to provide accurate information and hopefully the extent of this pricing structure will be revealed. A letter from the Committee cannot be ducked and has to be answered, we all know the sort of discounts being achieved but no company will admit it to us or the press for fear of losing the business.


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