Pub Co’s BDM’s Change of Heart

By | March 1, 2009

Pu Co’s BDM’s Change of Heart

I was at a trade show recently where one of the larger Pub Co’s had a stand, not wishing to get involved in any sort of mild verbal difference of opinion, I tried to slide past only to be caught by a BDM who I consider to be among the worst that I have met.

To my astonishment he pulled me away from the stand and said that he had read my submission to the Select Committee, I was enjoying the trade show and I thought I don’t need this.

It was like someone who has just discovered religion, to my amazement he claimed to totally agree with the bulk of the submission and in stead of a confrontational battle we had a very meaningful discussion.

He confidentially thought his companies writing was on the wall if they continued on their present path, whether he could effect any sort of change to company policy, I think unlikely or hoping that I might find an opening for him with my contacts.

But it would appear many BDM’s from the major Pub Co’s are now questioning the overall corporate policies, realising that their jobs may not exist shortly without a serious change of direction.

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