Coriander Stuffed Salmon with Tomato Rice and Prawn with Coconut Sauce

By | October 7, 2009


Coriander Stuffed Salmon with Tomato rice and prawn and coconut sauce

2 salmon fillets

I large onion or two smaller onions

1 clove of garlic

fresh coriander chopped

¼ to ½ pint of fish or chicken stock

pinch of chilli powder

1 ½ to 2oz creamed coconut from a block

approx 4 oz prawns

300 ml hot water

200 ml Passata

5 oz basmati rice

2 cardomoms

2 cloves

black pepper

juice of  ½ a lime

1 inch of grated fresh ginger


For the rice fry half the chopped onion in a little oil until soft add the  cardomons cloves cinnamon and black pepper then the rice, mix the passata with hot water and add to the rice cover and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until cooked, meanwhile fry the rest of the of the onion in a separate pan with the garlic and ginger and coriander, when the onion is soft make three slits in each piece of salmon  and put in half the coriander and onion mixture, add a squeeze of lime juice over the top. Put a little oil or butter in a pan and add the salmon skin side down and cook for about 2 minutes then put under a preheated grill in the same pan for another 2 minutes.  Meanwhile add the coconut and stock to the rest of the onion and coriander mixture and finally the prawns.  Put the cooked rice into greased ramekins and turn out on to a plate with the salmon and pour round the prawn and coconut sauce.  Garnish as required with fresh coriander.

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