Terminal Illness and a Pub Lease

By | February 13, 2010

It has definitely not been my best week in the Pub Industry.

I was asked to call and see a distressed lady licensee who was terminally ill with cancer, to see whether I might be able to assist her or provide advice as to what she could do.

She was barely able to walk or talk, she could in fact move a few steps with a wheeled zimmer frame.

I realised that even a brief conversation was not only very tiring but extremely stressful, I suggested that I returned the next day, so that she was able to prepare for a limited discussion.

Also I needed some time to make some phone calls to the right people to be sure that I had some possible options for her, if I could.

I returned the next day with a number of forms which I hoped her daughter would assist me with, to cause the least distress to the lady, which her daughter did.

The lady who shall remain anonymous, looked better than the previous day, but had to struggle to talk or move.

It would appear that the Pub Co were refusing to release her from her lease because her ex husband who had walked out two and a half years ago, at about the same time that she was diagnosed with cancer, was still joint signatory of the lease, she is the licensee and has been running the pub well, until the ravages of cancer became terminal.

It would appear that the ex-husband refuses to sign or agree to anything, yet has no part in anything to do with the pub.

Her two daughters and friends were helping and managing to keep the business going, all she wants is for the Pub Co to release her from the lease and let her finish her days in peace and dignity, without being penalised for giving up the lease.

The Pub Co to be fair have made a few concessions some time ago, the local management would appear to be unmoving in allowing her to leave with some dignity and without being penalised into penury.

The BII and Licensed Trade Charity have been advised and hopefully a suitable conclusion may be reached through their auspices.

It would take very little for one of the hierarchy of the Pub Co to release this lady from her obligations at very little cost to them.

Should they take an opposing view it could represent a massive PR disaster for the company.

I would prefer to write that a satisfactory conclusion has been reached and would give them recognition accordingly.

I also think that all leases let to individuals should have some sensible get out clauses for the lessee in the event of diagnosed terminal illness or accidents that make it impossible for lessee to genuinely carry on their business.

4 thoughts on “Terminal Illness and a Pub Lease

  1. Editor Post author

    Be assured that I have had a number of calls to publicize the company.
    But I have to see as to whether they are prepared to resolve the situation to the lady’s satisfaction.
    Watch this space.

  2. James

    I note that you have updated this story on the MA forum.

    Perhaps it is only fair to do that here as well.

  3. Editor Post author

    I am delighted to say that the Pub Company involved has pulled out all the stops to resolve the problem and I was not going to put anything on this site until I had a talk to the ladies daughter.
    Which I did later yesterday and suggested various possibilities to discuss with the Pub Co.
    I have also had trouble accessing the site which has now been resolved after my password was compromised and all my passwords had to be reset.


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