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By | February 27, 2010

Credit card machines are an essential in any pub which has a reasonable food base or in a town centre where customers find it easier to pay by credit or debit card.

It guarantees your money but takes some days to get to your account, it is extremely convenient and costs you money, customers like it, you can also do cash back with certain companies.

It’s convenience normally outweighs the costs if you are taking more than £40K per annum.

You can have an installation cost, which I consider a rip off and have refused to pay on a number of occasions.

You have the monthly rental, which can vary from around £15-£20 on to-days prices, shop around for the best deal and haggle, you might get an old fashioned look, but ignore it, a deal is a deal.

The bit where you save money is the percentage charged on credit cards, the charges for other than credit cards varies, is normally proportionate to the percentage rate.

Your kindly Bank Manager will invariably set you up with anything between 1.8-2.8%, which seems like nothing until you work out the numbers.

The BII have a deal with HSBC for members at 1.15-1.33%, you don’t have to bank with them but it always pays to have a second account with some money in, in case your main bank gives you trouble, you try opening an account when you’re on your limit.

Banks don’t talk to each other??? I made that mistake once, never again.

You might say that percentage difference is not worth bothering about.

A very sobering thought for every .5%  above the BII member rate per £100K you are giving £500 net profit to the bank, that equates to around £2k at least in takings.

I had two pubs last year putting £500K per year through their PDQ machine at 2.8%, because that was the rate their friendly Bank Manager gave them in their last business, that equates £9K net profit going to the bank.

When they realised the enormity of their profit waste, they both said they were locked into the present machine for a year, I pointed out at that loss of net profit they could well afford to pay the rental on the first machine and still show a vast profit.

It is Net Profit that is being spent not Gross Profit.

This is not a commercial for the BII but straight business sense, if you would like details email me at the and I will ensure that you are contacted or

Sadly Banks take enough money, make sure yours stays in your account.

We have a  company Handepay, who is highly competitive and well worth checking out.

Contact:- Scott Masson for in depth info on this Handepay  LINK


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